3 Best Screen Printing Machines for Beginners

In this article, we are presenting the overviews and product descriptions of the top 3 best screen printing machines of the present market. If you are going to launch a small printing business or you just looking for own home, you can have these 3 screen printing machines without doubt.
Screen printing is an old art but an effective one. Your artistic skill will offer a fantastic printed t-shirt. But only your artistic skill is not enough to produce a sophisticated and artistic shirt. It is the screen printing machine that plays a vital role in producing a fine custom printed t-shirt.
For your consideration, here we have placed a short overview and description of the 3 best screen printers for beginners.

1. YUDU Personal Screen Printer:

YUDU Personal Screen Printer
It is better to try at the initial stage as an armature or apprentice type printer with a small scale better not for business. In case of such practice YUDU Personal Screen Printer is the best option. Easy to operate and you can work with fabric, paper.  It is 33x11x22 inches machine taking weighs 30 pounds. On the other hand, you can connect your printer with a computer and inject printer.
You can get supplies of all the accessories with the machine needed for your printing job such as mesh screen,  emulsion sheet,  squeegee, t-shirt platens, glue, blank transparencies, two-ounce ink bottle.
Moreover, you will get a DVD and booklet explaining the system of setting and operating the printer. A control panel is also available to control printing expose, fans, light etc.
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2. Vevor Screen Printing Machine-

Vevor Screen Printing Machine
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When you like to operate the project as per your targeted size Vevor Screen Printing Machine is for you. It has a spring style design. This spring keep the machine vertical direction firmly. This 100 pounds machine with dimension 31x24x20 inches offer you all print. It is solid and durable for its high-class metal used to make it.  However, you can print almost all the object fabric to metal using this printer.
The base is able to rotate as a result you will find the advantage of moving the four stations autonomously.  No maintenance is needed from your part while using the printer. You can without difficulty print 40 to 50 shirts per hour, this number is enough even for large production.

3. Mophorn Screen Printing Machine

Vevor Screen Printing Machine

It is easy to use in the home. As it made of metal you can get the long-lasting option. Size is 24x23x11 inches and weighs 46 pounds and platen size 22×18 inches. You can print any object using this printer. But it is highly suitable for t-shirt printing.
You will find the automatic rotation of the T-shirt platen. The dual spring can make the machine adjusted, so you can use the frame with any weigh. For this spring you can raise the machine vertically and also make down.  The four colors, one station machine with a rotary print press can be operated with four different color screen plates. In fact, you will not get the burden of any maintenance charge.
Choosing a printing machine is the first option to start a printing business and most printing businessmen like to start their business with t-shirt printing. The above machines are suitable for starting the t-shirt printing business. These are easy to operate and less or no maintaining cost at all.
However, we are the expert of collecting printing machines. As per our recommendation so many machines are collected and those work better. Always we are beside our clients, so you can call us with no hesitation, our experts are ready to contact you.
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3 Best 6 Color 6 Station Screen Printing Machines to Buy

6 Color 6 Station Screen Printing Machine
Produced by- EEZGLOBAL

 A plain 6 Color 6 Station Screen Printing Machine can operate 4 screens to 4 stations at the same time.  Both the screen layer and the pallet layer are able to revolve independently, as a result, printing jobs become easy. You may do printing job using almost all type of objects like
 Cloth, metal, paper,   plastic, wood, glass, ceramic, leather, etc. This machine is particularly appropriate for small businesses and personal. Several small screws are available to fix the platen onto the pallet. There are 4 screws for each platen. Moreover, screen frames of different weights have kept adjustable double-spring devices. Screen clamp keep the option to move up and down, thus you can find a suitable position for screen frame being with 1.2" (3cm) thickness. On the other hand, large supporting device makes the machine steady and in steadiness. As the entire machine structure is made of metal with superior electrostatic spraying and electroplating, make it durable, easy to clear with having no oxidation.
6 Color 6 Station Screen Printing Machine

Platen -45x55 cm  
Machine: 180x180x110 cm
Net weight: 104kg
Gross weight: 150kg
     Shipping Weight -300 pounds
    ASIN  B01F53L3FM
    Model 006438        

6 Color 6 Station Press Printers
Produced by- ROCHAS

Bottom of Form
hisT      This machine is capable at the same time fit four screen plates moreover the screen layer can revolve separately after being installed.
As the design of spring devices is set in such a way that it can make an adjustment with the screen easily. As a result, the operator gets the scope to operate as per the size and weight of screen. So, surely you can get correct spring strength to keep away from squeegees drive out and inks splatter in the higher range.
Initiate design is set with a Double fix position device. It becomes easy as the upper wheels blocks have pallet support the upper wheels blocks make it much easier for the pallet support to go into the fixed location.
No problem when the ground is not smooth as an excellent full-size base and strange supplementary equilibrium foot stands to maintain it to stay balanced and stable position

Manual 6 color 6 stations screen printing machine

The machine weighs 350 kg, with 6 colors, pallet area-450x610 mm frame area-500x700 mm,


- Capable to work for the diverse items.
- Useable life is high as there are Stainless steel bolts  
- It remains stable due to the heavy frame.
-Identical double clamps arrangement to maintain the structure stable.  
 - Adaptable and high heat resistance stations.
-  Micro-registration arrangement on left-right/front-back viewpoint on parallel and upright.
 - For big spring offer extended using time.
- Well-built foundation plus caster so that it could move freely.


Cause to select-

  -One year warranty  
-   After-sales online video support  
-  supply screen printing full set equipment
- Training is available for screen printing
 - No involvement of middle company in production, direct production I factory
 - Strong package
 - The option of choosing your payment from a number of option, no difference among buyers of various countries.
 If you think better contact us, our experts will cooperate you choosing exact screen printing machine especially for you.

How to Work with a Heat Press Machine

Top 5 Best Screen Printing Machines in 2019

 Perhaps, you are screen printing business owner or beginner and searching to find the best screen printing machines. Well, we have spent a lot of hours to research, selection, filter out and listing for the top 10 “Best screen printing machines”.  The demand for screen printing has increased in recent years. In this article, we shall focus on the best brands and sieve out the duds
5 best screen printing machines of 2019
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1.    VEVOR Screen Printing Machine Screen Printing Press 4 Color 1 Station
2.    SHZOND Screen Printing Press 4 Color 1 Station Silk Screen Machine 21.7" x 17.7"
3.    4 Color 2 Station Screen Printing Full Starter Kit
4.    Techtongda 6 Color 6 Station Silk Screen Printing Press Machine Screen Printer Heavy Duty DIY
5.    Silk Screen Printing Machine 4 Color 4 Station Screen Printing Press Screen Printing Machine Printer DIY T-Shirt
VEVOR Screen Printing Machine

We start off the list with VEVOR screen printing machine.VEVOR the screen Printing press(4color 1 station) boasts some great features which earn it a slot into the list. The easy to use design makes it extremely incredible. For instance, if you need to match colors, you only need to use the red handles strategically positioned on the machine. And yes, the VEVOR machine boasts a micro-adjust the design which gives a versatile performance.
Main Features
·        SCREEN PRINTING SIZE--4 Color 1 Station; Platen
·        size: 21.7 X 17.7 Inch;Max Screen thickness: 2" inches
·        SPRING DEVICE DESIGN--Special design of spring devices in screen adjusting up and down makes it easier for the user operations according to the sizes and weight of the screens
·        ALL METAL CONSTRUCTION & DURABILITY--metal construction with electrostatic spraying and electroplating, this screen printing machine is easy to clean and can withstand years of use.
·        SPACE SAVING & EASY TRANSPORTATION--Designed with table type and combinational structure, silk screen printing machine proved to be a real space saver, super easy for transportation.
·        WIDE APPLICATIONS--This silk screen press can be used in costume, pillowcases, woven fabric, metal, paper, copybook, plastic, wood, glass, ceramic, leather and other products which need flat printing

SHZOND Screen Printing Press 4 Color 1 Station
SHZOND Screen Printing machine is yet another incredible screen printing press which boasts a tough and advanced construction. This screen printing machine is designed to offer years of dependable services. First, you use four colors in a single station and the easy-to-use design makes it perfect for everyone. This SHZOND Screen Printing Press is also fitted with m16 supporting legs which give it stability and support for efficiency and great performance
Main Features
4 color 1 station silk screen machine
 Platen size: 21.7” x 17.7”
 Screen clamp can be moved up and down, which is suitable for screen frame within 1.8" thickness
The pallet is removable;
It can be adjusted in every direction,
from forwarding or backward to left or right, up and down
The SHZOND Screen Printing machine can print onto clothing (especially for T-shirt), woven fabric, metal, paper, copybook, plastic, circuit board, wood and other plane printing substrates Suitable for small businesses and individual printing shop
4 Color 2 Station Screen Printing Full Starter Kit
This 4 Color 2 Station screen printing kit comes with a 3000W intelligent temperature adjust with input the voltage of 110V. The three-stage temperature control lets you choose the appropriate level while fair pricing makes it worth a purchase. The screen printing machine also boasts a tough construction which makes it incredible for the users.
Main Features
Platen size:45*55cm(18*22inch)
Machine size: 185*91*37cm/72*35*14inch
Net weight:35KG/78lb
Packing size:86*50*25cm/34*17*10inch Gross weight:42KG/96lb
3000W Intelligent 3-Stage
Temperature Adjustable Flash Dryer (006044)
Parameters Input voltage: 110V Power:1000w(Stage1), 2000W(Stage2), 3000W(Stage3)
Baking area: 18”x24” (45x60cm) Net weight:86lbs(39kg) Range of Height between drying box and ground: 24”-40”(60-100cm)
Plate washing is one of the most important processes during screen printing. Premium plate-washing tank of our company is furnished with water tank, automatic pressurizing water spray gun and screen frame clapboard, which can make plate washing cleaner and more convenient. Parameters Internal dimension: 26"X20"X15"(66X50X37cm) Net Weight: 15Lb (7kg)
UV Exposure Unit Kit Screen plate making is one of the most important procedures for doing screen printing business. This kit is specially designed for making screen printing plate. With this very low cost kit, you can easily make your own screen printing plate or doing screen plate processing business without buying other equipments or materials except for the computer and printer. It's easy operated, which will be your best choice!
Techtongda 6 Color 6 Station Silk Screen Printing Press
This Techtongda is a simple 6 Color 6 Station Screen Printing machine, you can print onto clothing, metal, paper, copybook, plastic, circuit board, woven fabric, , wood, glass, ceramic tile, leather and other plane printing substrates, which is especially suitable for small businesses and individual printing shop.
For skillful operator, two person could print 30-50 pieces 6 color T-shirt in one hour.
This press does not come with bracket. There are some small screws for you to fix the platen onto the pallet. it can ensure the printing result precision.  
The screen layer and the pallet can rotate independently, which makes it easier for multi-color printing. This machine is manual color matching printer, only need to adjust one pallet. If one of the printer arm has finished adjusting, other corresponding position will be settle down.  
Screen clamp could be moved up and down within 2"/ 5 cm Net weight: 264 lb/ 120kg Gross weight: 287 lb/130.5kg

Silk Screen Printing Machine 4 Color 4 Station Screen
Screen printing is arguably most versatile in printing, almost everything can be used as substrate. Our company provide this 4 color 4 station screen printing package with all stuff needed by a small screen printing workshop. we show buyers skilled operation and application by words and video, achieving integration of technique ,equipment, material and service.
Assembling video instruction will be sent online. Please contact us if you need any instruction.
4 color 4 station screen printing kits
Plate washing is one of the most important processes during screen printing. Premium plate-washing tank of our company is furnished with water tank, automatic pressurizing water spray gun and screen frame clapboard, which can make plate washing cleaner and more

How to Work with a Heat Press Machine

If you are wondering how to work a heat press machine, the first thing to keep in mind is that it really is not that hard. As a beginner, you are bound to struggle a little bit. However, it is something that can be picked up fairly quickly. Here are five frequently asked questions by people wondering how to work a heat press.

 1. How much power is needed? 

Because there are so many heat presses on the market, this is going to vary from machine to machine. You will find that a majority of the heat presses are going to have between 8.5 to 14.5 amps, thus using a standard 120-volt outlet. There are 15-20 amps out there that will require you to use a 220-volt outlet, but these are less common.

2. What accessories are needed? 

This is another question that will depend on a number of factors.
 If you are just starting out, a good rule of thumb is to start with print perfect pads for items that have uneven pressing areas and a pad protector for the bottom of the press. Another great accessory is a perfect transfer tool as this is good to use as an alignment tool. Lastly, you will want to look into purchasing cover sheets of some form whether it be kraft paper or silicone sheets or some other kind.

3. Is it heating correctly? 

One of the biggest questions when wondering how to work a heat press is whether or not it is heating properly. In order to determine this, you can lock the press down on temperature strips. Make sure the temperature you get matches the temperature on the heater. It is vital your heat press is heating accurately and evenly.

Heat Press Machine

4. What temperature do I put it on? 

In addition to knowing whether or not it is heating properly, you also need to know what temperature to put the heat press on. Fortunately, this is just about the easiest thing you will face as you look at how to work a heat press. The press is going to have a dial allowing you to adjust the temperature according to whatever the box or graphic says that you are placing on the t-shirt.

5. What should I know about pressure?

 The last thing to understand with your heat press is the pressure. A majority of heat presses are going to change pressure by turning a knob or by adjusting the air pressure that is coming in for air presses. You want to make sure the pressure is at the right level so it delivers an accurate amount of pressure to transfer the graphic. Visit our used heat press web site offering high quality used heat presses [http://www.used-heat-press-for-sale.com] and supplies. To find legitimate products at bargain prices,
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5 Best Screen Printing Machines of Market| Reviews and Buying Guides

  1. Superland Screen Printing Machine Silk Screen Printing Machine 4 color 4 Station t-shirt screen print machine silk screen printing press
  2. Ridgeyard silk screen printer 4 Color 1 Station Silk Screen Printing Machine Screen Printing Press T-Shirt printing Machine
  3. Happybuy Screen Printing Machine Press Silk Screen Printing Machine (4 Color 1 Station) Best Screen Printing Press for t-shirts
  4. VEVOR (4 Color 1 Station) Screen Printing Machine 17.7×21.7 Inch Silk Screen Press Print Machine Screen Printing Press for T-shirt
  5. Maxwolf Screen Printing Machine (4 Color 2 Station) Silk Screen Printing Machine Screen Printing Press T-shirt printing Press

8 Key Tips for Fixing the Problems Your Screen Printing Machine

Screen printing is one of the easiest printing methods. Operating a screen printing machine requires minimum technical but some practical knowledge. Sometimes, the printing quality may vary for many reasons. In fact, every piece of screen printing machine has a considerable impact on the printing quality. So, any problem in any part of the printing materials means a serious impact on the job’s outcome. For all these reasons, if any problem, even it is a minor one arises, fixing it as early as possible is very important. If you have screen print machines or a screen printing business it is important to have sufficient knowledge of troubleshooting the printing equipment.

10 Tips for Using Digital T-Shirt Printing Machine

 Digital T-Shirt Printing Machine: Faster Rate Than Other T-shirt Printers

Digital t-shirt printing machine

T-shirt printing is a worldwide popular business today. This is a fast-growing business sector because to start this business it requires very few instruments and a little marketing. But, like starting this business, it is not easy to sustain here due to the high competition and constant change in demand of the market.
To attain high-quality printing at a fast rate, going digital is very important as digital t-shirt printing machines are renowned for precise printing at a faster rate than other t-shirt printers. Let’s see how to use a digital t-shirt printing machine in an effective way.

Choosing the Right Garment

It is very important to choose the right garment for getting the desired printing from a digital t-shirt printing machine. Every garment does not perform in the same way. So, you shouldn’t experience an unknown type of garment while handling a large or quick delivery order. It is wise to limit the client’s selection of the garments. You should not allow customers to bring their own garments. Weaving quality of the fabric of a garment determines the output quality of the printing. So, select a well-weaved garment. Even the best digital t-shirt printing machines can’t give you the desired output if you fail to choose a right garment for printing.

Selecting the Perfect Design

Printing with digital t-shirt printing equipment is not very hard. But, the machine can only do the job which the user orders it. Quality of the design and the settings of the printing determines the quality of your printing on the t-shirt. So, master the software application and adjust necessarily to bring sufficient quality to the design or artwork which you are going to select for the printing. If necessary, try to train your employees so that they can take part in the process actively.

Organize Your Workplace

Organizing the workplace to make the ensure an effective workflow is very important. Without a proper workflow, working becomes stressful and provision of mistakes arises. So, a well-organized workplace is very helpful physically and mentally for the operator of a digital t-shirt printing machine. You may add carts, tables, hangers or racks and arrange them according to your working sequence.

Increase Productivity

Some digital t-shirt printing machines have provisions to add additional equipment like removable platens which increase the productivity. But, placement of these additional items requires a lot of practice and expertise. Beginners may use measuring devices to do so. Expert operators need not so. They can place those just using estimation. There are some cheap direct to garment printer which needs special modification to increase the productivity.

Be Careful of Maintenance

To keep your printing equipment in the running condition for years, maintenance is a great issue. Day to day maintenance includes regular cleaning of the machine using the manufacturer’s guideline. Periodic rigorous maintenance or overhauling needs extra care. While conducting the maintenance operation it should be kept in mind that warranty conditions should not be breached. Otherwise, manufacturer or the service provider of the equipment may refuse to give the desired service for the charge of breaching warranty conditions. Some cheap t-shirt printing machines provide less warranty period.

Test, Run, Observe and Adjust

Testing the machine before running is advised each time for a digital t-shirt printing machine. Following the proper setting is very important. Without setting properly you may not desire to achieve your intended output. While getting the output to keep an alert eye on the color quality and banding. If any discrepancy is observed, do proper adjustments. If any major or critical issue arises don’t hesitate to contact the support team or manufacturer to take required help or advice.

Take Care of Your Machine’s Printhead

To extend the life of the printhead it is advised to keep the digital t-shirt printing machine in running condition consistently. Your machine in idle condition for some days may lead to clogging of the printhead. So, if you do not have any task at hand you may print some samples on that day to do some experiment with the color. At the time of replacing the printhead, it is very crucial to check the installation again and again. While transporting a digital t-shirt printing machine, cover up the printhead to prevent it from damage.

Apply Pretreatment

For DTG digital t-shirt printing operation, pretreatment is very important. Before starting the pretreatment process, pre-pressing is similarly important. Prepressing flattens the threads of the weave and ensures better color penetration as well as removes inconsistencies. For better identification, separate pretreatment procedures may be adopted for different garment type. For better result, before going into printing operation you may conduct a trial and error process on t-shirts of several brands to find out the best one for the final selection.

Efficiency Maximization

If cleaning the workplace and pretreating is not possible to be done by yourself or your operator, you may take assistance from others person. In case of handling additional demand from the client, think for adding extra platen and an additional heat press. During the printing operation, preparing another one for printing may accelerate the printing process.

Apply Pressure Gently

While applying pressure try to press with less pressure. In fact, medium to light pressure is sufficient to serve the purpose of printing. Application of excess pressure increases the risk of drift in color and texture.
 Along with the issue of application of pressure another point is connected. This is the ability to hover the press. It is important to get the pretreatment absorbed into the fabric. At the time of final curing, it is required to ensure that the print layer is not thick in excessive amount. In that case, the ability of hovering of the press plays an important role to resist the smashing down of the ink into the clothing.

Digital t-shirt printing machine made the t-shirt printing process easier more than ever before. Today, controlling the quality, speed, and output are at the user’s hand. You may maximize the user experience by following the above guidelines. Among the many brands of digital t-shirt printing machine choose the best-suited one for your business and start printing adopting careful strategies. Because a well-selected strategy may turn the way of a business. Whereas, an ill-selected one may ruin your business reputation, profit, and even you well-established capital gradually. Happy printing with the digital t-shirt printing equipment.


Superland Screen Printing Machine 4 Color Silk Screen Printing Machine 4 Station Adjustable Devices Press Printer DIY Shirt Equipment (4 color 4 station)

Superland Screen Printing Machine 4 Color Silk Screen Printing Machine 4 Station Adjustable Devices Press Printer DIY Shirt Equipment (4 color 4 station)

This silkscreen machine table type 4 Color 4 Station Superland silk Screen Printing Machine, Single Rotary silk Screen Press machine can install upon four screen plates simultaneously. Upon 4 color 4 stations screen printing machine installation, the screen layer can rotate independently. This 4 color 4 station screen printing press is able to work for four colors screen printing or any’ overprinting to make progressive proofs.

T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine: Amazing 3 Methods for T-Shirt Printing - Best Screen Printing Machine

T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine: Amazing 3 Methods for T-Shirt Printing - Best Screen Printing Machine

Before starting your custom t-shirt business, you should learn which t-shirt making method to use. Though the t-shirt screen printing machines and heat press machines are two most popular and most common press to design custom t-shirts, you will learn here 3 more amazing t-shirt printing methods.