5 Best Screen Printing Machines of Market| Reviews and Buying Guides

  1. Superland Screen Printing Machine Silk Screen Printing Machine 4 color 4 Station t-shirt screen print machine silk screen printing press
  2. Ridgeyard silk screen printer 4 Color 1 Station Silk Screen Printing Machine Screen Printing Press T-Shirt printing Machine
  3. Happybuy Screen Printing Machine Press Silk Screen Printing Machine (4 Color 1 Station) Best Screen Printing Press for t-shirts
  4. VEVOR (4 Color 1 Station) Screen Printing Machine 17.7×21.7 Inch Silk Screen Press Print Machine Screen Printing Press for T-shirt
  5. Maxwolf Screen Printing Machine (4 Color 2 Station) Silk Screen Printing Machine Screen Printing Press T-shirt printing Press

8 Key Tips for Fixing the Problems Your Screen Printing Machine

Screen printing is one of the easiest printing methods. Operating a screen printing machine requires minimum technical but some practical knowledge. Sometimes, the printing quality may vary for many reasons. In fact, every piece of screen printing machine has a considerable impact on the printing quality. So, any problem in any part of the printing materials means a serious impact on the job’s outcome. For all these reasons, if any problem, even it is a minor one arises, fixing it as early as possible is very important. If you have screen print machines or a screen printing business it is important to have sufficient knowledge of troubleshooting the printing equipment.

10 Tips for Using Digital T-Shirt Printing Machine

 Digital T-Shirt Printing Machine: Faster Rate Than Other T-shirt Printers

Digital t-shirt printing machine

T-shirt printing is a worldwide popular business today. This is a fast-growing business sector because to start this business it requires very few instruments and a little marketing. But, like starting this business, it is not easy to sustain here due to the high competition and constant change in demand of the market.
To attain high-quality printing at a fast rate, going digital is very important as digital t-shirt printing machines are renowned for precise printing at a faster rate than other t-shirt printers. Let’s see how to use a digital t-shirt printing machine in an effective way.

Choosing the Right Garment

It is very important to choose the right garment for getting the desired printing from a digital t-shirt printing machine. Every garment does not perform in the same way. So, you shouldn’t experience an unknown type of garment while handling a large or quick delivery order. It is wise to limit the client’s selection of the garments. You should not allow customers to bring their own garments. Weaving quality of the fabric of a garment determines the output quality of the printing. So, select a well-weaved garment. Even the best digital t-shirt printing machines can’t give you the desired output if you fail to choose a right garment for printing.

Selecting the Perfect Design

Printing with digital t-shirt printing equipment is not very hard. But, the machine can only do the job which the user orders it. Quality of the design and the settings of the printing determines the quality of your printing on the t-shirt. So, master the software application and adjust necessarily to bring sufficient quality to the design or artwork which you are going to select for the printing. If necessary, try to train your employees so that they can take part in the process actively.

Organize Your Workplace

Organizing the workplace to make the ensure an effective workflow is very important. Without a proper workflow, working becomes stressful and provision of mistakes arises. So, a well-organized workplace is very helpful physically and mentally for the operator of a digital t-shirt printing machine. You may add carts, tables, hangers or racks and arrange them according to your working sequence.

Increase Productivity

Some digital t-shirt printing machines have provisions to add additional equipment like removable platens which increase the productivity. But, placement of these additional items requires a lot of practice and expertise. Beginners may use measuring devices to do so. Expert operators need not so. They can place those just using estimation. There are some cheap direct to garment printer which needs special modification to increase the productivity.

Be Careful of Maintenance

To keep your printing equipment in the running condition for years, maintenance is a great issue. Day to day maintenance includes regular cleaning of the machine using the manufacturer’s guideline. Periodic rigorous maintenance or overhauling needs extra care. While conducting the maintenance operation it should be kept in mind that warranty conditions should not be breached. Otherwise, manufacturer or the service provider of the equipment may refuse to give the desired service for the charge of breaching warranty conditions. Some cheap t-shirt printing machines provide less warranty period.

Test, Run, Observe and Adjust

Testing the machine before running is advised each time for a digital t-shirt printing machine. Following the proper setting is very important. Without setting properly you may not desire to achieve your intended output. While getting the output to keep an alert eye on the color quality and banding. If any discrepancy is observed, do proper adjustments. If any major or critical issue arises don’t hesitate to contact the support team or manufacturer to take required help or advice.

Take Care of Your Machine’s Printhead

To extend the life of the printhead it is advised to keep the digital t-shirt printing machine in running condition consistently. Your machine in idle condition for some days may lead to clogging of the printhead. So, if you do not have any task at hand you may print some samples on that day to do some experiment with the color. At the time of replacing the printhead, it is very crucial to check the installation again and again. While transporting a digital t-shirt printing machine, cover up the printhead to prevent it from damage.

Apply Pretreatment

For DTG digital t-shirt printing operation, pretreatment is very important. Before starting the pretreatment process, pre-pressing is similarly important. Prepressing flattens the threads of the weave and ensures better color penetration as well as removes inconsistencies. For better identification, separate pretreatment procedures may be adopted for different garment type. For better result, before going into printing operation you may conduct a trial and error process on t-shirts of several brands to find out the best one for the final selection.

Efficiency Maximization

If cleaning the workplace and pretreating is not possible to be done by yourself or your operator, you may take assistance from others person. In case of handling additional demand from the client, think for adding extra platen and an additional heat press. During the printing operation, preparing another one for printing may accelerate the printing process.

Apply Pressure Gently

While applying pressure try to press with less pressure. In fact, medium to light pressure is sufficient to serve the purpose of printing. Application of excess pressure increases the risk of drift in color and texture.
 Along with the issue of application of pressure another point is connected. This is the ability to hover the press. It is important to get the pretreatment absorbed into the fabric. At the time of final curing, it is required to ensure that the print layer is not thick in excessive amount. In that case, the ability of hovering of the press plays an important role to resist the smashing down of the ink into the clothing.

Digital t-shirt printing machine made the t-shirt printing process easier more than ever before. Today, controlling the quality, speed, and output are at the user’s hand. You may maximize the user experience by following the above guidelines. Among the many brands of digital t-shirt printing machine choose the best-suited one for your business and start printing adopting careful strategies. Because a well-selected strategy may turn the way of a business. Whereas, an ill-selected one may ruin your business reputation, profit, and even you well-established capital gradually. Happy printing with the digital t-shirt printing equipment.


Superland Screen Printing Machine 4 Color Silk Screen Printing Machine 4 Station Adjustable Devices Press Printer DIY Shirt Equipment (4 color 4 station)

Superland Screen Printing Machine 4 Color Silk Screen Printing Machine 4 Station Adjustable Devices Press Printer DIY Shirt Equipment (4 color 4 station)

This silkscreen machine table type 4 Color 4 Station Superland silk Screen Printing Machine, Single Rotary silk Screen Press machine can install upon four screen plates simultaneously. Upon 4 color 4 stations screen printing machine installation, the screen layer can rotate independently. This 4 color 4 station screen printing press is able to work for four colors screen printing or any’ overprinting to make progressive proofs.

T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine: Amazing 3 Methods for T-Shirt Printing - Best Screen Printing Machine

T-Shirt Screen Printing Machine: Amazing 3 Methods for T-Shirt Printing - Best Screen Printing Machine

Before starting your custom t-shirt business, you should learn which t-shirt making method to use. Though the t-shirt screen printing machines and heat press machines are two most popular and most common press to design custom t-shirts, you will learn here 3 more amazing t-shirt printing methods.

Top 5 Secrets of Using Screen Printing Machine

Top 5 Secrets of Using Screen Printing Machine

Some ideal techniques of using screen printing machine can change some element of printing artwork. Screen printing is not a difficult task at all. Among the screen printing machine user, we generally found a problem to print into white print while color print is simple to them

Yudu Screen Printing Machine Reviews-a Revolutionary Personal Screen Printer

Yudu Screen Printing Machine Reviews-a Revolutionary Personal Screen Printer

YUDU screen printing machine is a tabletop personal screen printing system which is the world’s first all-in-one personal screen printer. It helps the printers to make professional and high-quality screen printing right from your workshop or your own home

How to Use a Yudu Screen Printing Machine at Home

Yudu personal screen printer machines are very easy to operate and use. Lets how to use it at home. You won,t find details here. Just see the steps with images.


1. Take everything out of the box. Read the diagram explaining what all the parts are

2. There are two sides to the screen: a finished side and an unfinished side. Turn the screen over so that the unfinished side is facing up.

3. Fill a spray bottle with water (no bleach or chemicals) and spray the screen until it is wet but not dripping.

4. Fill a spray bottle with water (no bleach or chemicals) and spray the screen until it is wet but not dripping.

5. Put the newly emulsioned screen in the drying rack and press the fan button.Make sure you time it as the machine does not beep! It usually takes about 20 minutes or longer

6. Print your design on the translucent paper (you can buy designs too).

7. Now take your screen out and peel off the plastic on the emulsion. If the plastic isn't coming off, put your screen back in the drying rack for another 10 minutes or so. A little bit of emulsion is usually going to come off in the corner. When it does just be careful around that area so the rest of the emulsion doesn't come off with it.

8. Tape your design to the glass and place the screen emulsion side down over the design on the pegs. If there are holes in the emulsion, make sure they are not over the design, this will result in holes in your design also. Put the t-shirt platen on the pegs too. Put the cover over the platen and weight down the platen with a 5 lbs weight

9. Use the up, down buttons to set the timer for 8 minutes. Now press the expose button, it looks like a sun

10. When the machine beeps, take out the screen. Now it has your design imprinted on the emulsion. Next, rinse the screen, preferably using the sprayer nozzle. Only rinse the side that the emulsion is NOT on. DO NOT SCRUB.

11. When you've sprayed the screen enough so that the design is clear and the emulsion is green, put the screen in the drying rack and press the drying button. It works best if you dry the screen in the drying rack until it beeps, then take it out and let it air dry for about 2 hours. If you don't have enough time, just dry it once in the drying rack (until it beeps).

12. Now take the screen out and use masking tape around the edges and wherever there are holes that you don't want to appear in your design

13.  Attach the t-shirt to the t-shirt platen (just place it on top, do not put the platen in the middle of the shirt).

14. Now put the screen on the emulsion side down on the pegs, put a bead of ink just above the design, and squeegee down while applying pressure to the screen.

 15.  Take off the platen with the shirt still on it and allow to air dry for 15 minutes.Take the shirt off the platen and hang int to dry for 1-2 hours. When the ink is dry, either iron the design with a cloth over it or tumble dry on a medium heat setting.

Yudu Personal Screen Printer Silk Screen Printing Machine for Small Business

Yudu Personal Screen Printer Silk Screen Printing Machine for Small Business

If you want to start a small screen printing projects or you have existing screen printing workshop, this Yudu screen printing machine, personal screen printer might be the best choice than to hire a professional screen printer. However, the Yudu screen printing method can’t go to your thumbs of high rating as the feedback from the consumers just isn’t much positive.

Superland 4 color 2 station Silk screen printing machine

4 Color Silk Screen Printing Machine 2 Station Adjustable Devices Press Printer DIY Shirt Equipment

4 color 2 station silk screen printing machine

Description: Screen printing platen size: 21.7 x 17.7 Inch; Machine size: 32 x 7.9 x 55 Inch Silk screen clamp can rotate up and down. The silk press is suitable for screen frame within 2" (5.08cm) thickness Screen printing table type and combinatorial design saves place.it is easy to use and easy to transport. Silkscreen press 4 color 2 station has the adjustable double-spring devices and it is available for different weight screen frames. This screen printing machine(Superland 4 color 2 station Silk) can print costume,metal, paper, copybook, woven fabric, plastic,ceramic, leather and wood, glass, other products which need flat printing.

4 color 2 station silk Screen Printing Machine ()

Superland Screen Printing Machine 4 Color Silk Screen Printing Machine 2 Station Adjustable Devices Press Printer DIY Shirt Equipment (4 color 2 station